Monday, September 24, 2012

My man

I am a blessed girl.  When I think about the road to the pit I was headed on 20 years ago, I cringe.  (Did I just say 20?  EEK!)  In one of my first blogs (Run and Never Stop) I talked about my story of Christ rescuing me from that pit I was headed to.  In my blog, A Call in Texas, I shared about how God called us into ministry.  Those are the two foundations in my life.  The rocks.  The reasons.  The rescue.

"For who is God, besides the Lord? 
 And who is a rock, besides our God?"  2 Samuel 22:32

But right in the middle of those two life changing times, God brought me my man.  Warren G. 

It was at this time of year 19 years ago that I was beginning my junior year of high school and he was about to leave for his sophomore year of college at the University of Arkansas. I had only been in Arkansas for about 8 months.  My parents had divorced and my mom moved us to Arkansas from Texas to be closer to her family.

Warren in Razorback band at UofA
Me playing in band at halftime and cheering the rest for MHS

 My younger brother, Kyle was at the FBC Mansfield, AR basketball court playing ball with some guys.  I was on my daily jog around town when I stopped to relay a message to Kyle from my mom.  That's where I started talking with Warren.  I had seen Warren around that summer at church and with some friends.  But it was that day that we spoke to each other.  After a good while of standing around talking, Warren asked Kyle and me if we wanted a ride home.  Probably not a great idea getting in the car with a semi-stranger, but we did.

Little did I know, this was the man God had for me, for life.  The one I would marry 2 years later, drive crazy for the next 19 years, devise plans for disciplining our children with, physically walk many miles with, dream with, travel with, minister beside, laugh with, dance in the kitchen with, hide behind when I felt weak, cry with, gain strength from, and in the depths of my soul, dread the day I would ever be left on this earth without.

That's my Warren.

"I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine,..."
Song of Soloman 6:3
This past week a precious family from our hometown lost their husband, dad, and grandfather.  A man still young and so very kind.  Gary would stand outside the doors of Upward with Pam for many years at FBC Mansfield and greet those that entered.  Their daughter was Tyler's first grade teacher.  Such a godly family.

Pam posted on her Facebook later in the day after his death.  "Made it home. Long drive."
After I read this post I walked into the living room, wanting to tell Warren what she had said.  I also just wanted to tell him how my heart ached for them. 

I told him what the post said and I lost it.  Nothing else could come out of my mouth.  My eyes were filling with tears.  I turned around and walked out, my eyes flooded.    My heart was broken for Pam.  I saw my man sitting there in the chair and could not imagine life without him.  This is who I do life with.  I couldn't even imagine her pain.

"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
 I fear no evil; for Thou art with me;"
Psalm 23:4
This Friday (28th)  is Warren's birthday.  Elise and I love throwing a party.  Streamers, balloons, cupcakes.  So much so,  that when she was little, we would throw parties for her baby dolls.  The boys would ALWAYS roll their eyes.  I am sure now they wouldn't even participate.

We always ask Warren what he wants for his birthday.  His answer is always the same year to year.  Peace.  He wants peace.  On my birthday I want a piece of cake.  But no, all he wants is peace.  Peace?

So I began dwelling on what to REALLY get him this year. Peace just didn't seem like a gift.  I wanted something I could wrap up and put a bow on top.  Or better yet, throw in a bag with cute tissue paper. 

 It was during this time of planning that Gary passed away and I couldn't shake what Pam must be feeling.  Couldn't even begin to know.  As I was praying for the family, that gift request of Warren's  came to my mind.  Peace.  So that's what I prayed for the family.

Peace.  God's Peace.  Peace that surpasses all understanding.  Peace He leaves with us.  Peace in the midst of storms.  Peace in the land.  Peace in our lives.  Peace made in families.  Peace like a river.  Peace given by the Prince of Peace.  Peace with God.  Peace, Patience.., Peace through His blood.


He came to give us peace, to place peace in our homes, bind us together in peace, to be peace to us, give us peace of mind, multiply peace in our lives when we need it the most. 


Peace to seek, peace that guards our hearts, peace when we are far or near, Peace in a dark world, peace that is open to us, Peace and joy, perfect peace.


As Elise and I plot out the final touches to his birthday week, we want to give Warren the best gift ever.  Maybe Razorback tickets?  A new razor?  A shirt?   IPhone 5?  Oh, he would love a truck!  Old or new!

But one thing is for sure, we could never give a better gift than God has already given His children.


It is a gift that never ends.  Never gets old.  Never wears out.  Never misses a pass.  Never fades.  Never gets dents.  Never changes. 

It is a gift that gets us through life. It's what we will need to walk through this life.  It makes the joys complete and the hurts heal.  It's what binds families and faith. 


"Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you..." John 14:27
Happy Birthday to my favorite person on this earth. 
Overwhelmed that God would choose you to be my man!

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