Monday, April 28, 2014

We are here. Hands, Feet, and Heart.

Moving to a new community is tough.  We have been in Vilonia for 4 months now.  It's been a new way to enter the community for us.  We have always been the new youth minister family and greeted by a church with warm and open arms.  Now we search for a church, friends, and our place in the community.  We are not introduced as our youth pastor's family or associated by a certain church.  Instead we usually spend 5 minutes trying to justify why we chose this little community east of Conway as our home. Warren commutes 45 minutes everyday.

God.  We truly believe He was the one who led us to this community.

We were blessed by sweet friends to help our children get acquainted with Vilonia children the first weekend we moved here.  Will never be able to thank God enough for these friends.  These students have made going to school easier.  They challenge my children in not only sports and education but also the Lord.  In fact, one of the students that my son was introduced to (and is now a good friend with) was saved 1 year ago .  At a DNOW Warren spoke at.  Warren had no idea that decision had been made until the boy shared with our son during a run at track practice. 

God's ways are higher and are so good.

God opened a door for me to student teach at Vilonia Primary School.  It's less than 3 minutes from my house.  I could not have chosen a better school or teacher to be with for this season of life.  The third graders in our class will make my last day, May 2, very tough.  They are very precious to me. 

God.  We truly believe He was the one who led us to this community.

A home.  Oh how we prayed.  How I prayed He would lead us to a home we could feel safe, comfortable, and minister to others in.  So many homes we looked at, considered offers, and finally led to where we sit right now. 

He is so good.  So very good.

Prayer.  I have prayed daily how God wants to use us in this community.  Where He wants us to serve Him at a local church.  I have prayed how I can most be used.  Ball Team?  School?  Small Group Study in my subdivision?

4 months later.

I am sitting in my comfortable home 2 miles from complete devastation. Overwhelmed by the fact homes that we considered purchasing now lay in ruins.  A feeling of helplessness.  I text with families who have lost everything.  Homes.  Cars. I am amazed at the miles photos are being found of people that I know.

  I look forward to digging in to whatever I can do to help those in the community tomorrow.  My prayer for these people is much deeper now.  We have hid in closets, laundry rooms, and shelters together.  We stand in unbelief of our community together.  Our hearts are totally broken for those who have lost their lives.  We are overwhelmed for those that have lost their home and businesses.  We are committed to helping the community rebuild.  We are eager to share Christ and His love when we are privileged with opportunities to be His hands, feet, and voice.

This is home now.  Vilonia, Arkansas.

The best way to help the people of Vilonia is financially, through gift cards, and other needs that have been listed  on trusted sites.  Arkansas Baptist State Convention has an online place to give.  They are actively involved in relief efforts in Vilonia right now.