Sunday, February 17, 2013


I have a ton of these.  In them hold some of the greatest joys of life and some of the most embarrassing cries to the Lord.  Precious moments between me and God.  In the pages of the books I have celebrated with Him.  Cried to Him.  Questioned who I was.  Desired something more.  Made commitments (of which I did not carry out a week later!).  But I am so thankful for them.

These journals lay on my shelf untouched.  They stay untouched until I need to remember. 

I find myself picking them up when I need to be reminded where I have been.  I need to be reminded that God saw my needs and and heard my cries.  I need to be reminded where I am headed on this journey of life.

Journal entry from 1999

I  prayed prayers of guidance for the first days of ministry for our family 14 years ago. I read about the places of joys and struggles.  I find difficult times of decision.  When I read the entries I can't help but think of Nehemiah 9:9-15 and unfortunately at times I read times like Nehemiah 9:16-20.
And all the while He saw.  He's El Roi.  He heard.  He made.  He knew.  He lead.  He provided.  He spoke.  He gave.  Truth.  Good words.  Compassionate.
I had no idea AWANA clubs would be what needed to happen.  WOW!
hard decisions in life.....
Heavy yet Happy hearts....
Our first week in ministry 1999

Ever been there?

Yet there are those times like in Nehemiah 9:5-8 where all you can do is thank and praise Him.

Remember.  Take time and jot your prayers down each day.  A day will come when a sweet reminder of God's faithfulness in the past is what lights the way in which you are to go today. 
" light for them the way
In which they were to go."
Nehemiah 9:12b