Friday, February 14, 2014

Bucket trucks in life

This blog was written in El Dorado in early December 2013.  So thankful God has richly blessed us with “bucket trucks” in our life over the past couple of months.  He is faithful.                     –MG




It’s amazing how crazy busy life can get with one decision.  And then another.  And another.  And before long, life is slipping by and there’s no time to take notice.  No time to notice the things in life that take time to see.  Conversations, smiles, the writing on the wall.  No time to just sit and stare at beauty.  No time to stand in awe.

One of my favorite things about working at school is watching children have “aha” moments or be intrigued by the simplest of things. 

This past week I was facilitating an interim assessment at the school I work at.  One of the children in the class is a student I have worked many hours with in math and some in reading.  He really struggles with learning but is a hard worker.  He also wears braces on his legs.  This year he has not been wearing them like he should.

After we finished the test on Wednesday, three of the students had to go play outside with me because their regular class was still testing.  As we headed to the playground, this child caught sight of a piece of construction equipment.  He took off running (without his braces) as fast as he could to the fence so he could get a closer look.  His arms swung back and forth as hard as they could.

From a distance I could see him turn to look to see if the other two students and I were coming.  I stopped at the sidewalk and the other two students headed to the slide. 

His eyes were fixed on the bucket truck.  He turned to me and yelled, “It’s a bucket truck.”  I smiled at him.  I continued to watch him.  He would look back at the slide where the friends were.  And then would turn and stand in awe again of the bucket truck.  It seemed he stood there forever, just gazing at what he thought was divine.  Something that he loved.  Something he could relate to.  His father worked as a construction worker.

After a few minutes, he turned and ran to the slide.  He climbed up the ladder, went to the top, and said “Guys, it’s a bucket truck!”  The kids looked at the truck and then him.  They just kept playing.  He climbed down and ran back to the fence.  The man in the bucket truck waved at him.  The boy waved largely back to him.  He ran to me, “Mrs. Gasaway, he waved to me.”

I wonder if I am like the kids on the slide, if I ever see life as just “ordinary.”  Nothing catches my eyes and attention.  I am just too busy to even see.  Too busy to see what He wants me to see.  The miracles He does every day in my life.  The grace He bestows upon my family, the love He has for me.

I choose to see today. Through His eyes.