Monday, July 2, 2012

Stop Your Whining!

I am sure all you "camp parents" have enjoyed the small bits of information your students and kids have shared with you after arrriving home from church camp or Super Summer.  For some of you out there, the information they shared with you about their experience is the only details of life you will get for the next couple of months.  After this, you will have to pull teeth to get practice schedules, details of new classes, and at least a day's warning of needed school supplies.  So I guess we all need to take a moment and savor that bit we got from our teenagers.  Because it's just about over.  :)
In our family Tyler is more of the talker when compared with Ethan.  Ethan's details come in bits and pieces and they are always so vague. I am still trying to put all the pieces together from his time at camp. 

Ethan at Super Summer

Tyler tells you all at once.  Fast.  So fast that I am still trying to figure out what he said.  I heard what everyone said, did, what the speaker said, songs sung, and highlights of camp within the first 30 minutes of being home.  Now I am just trying to let it soak in.
Tyler at Super Summer

One thing I did understand from both of the boys was that they really enjoyed the speaker for the week, Ed Newton.
Ed Newton

On the way home from Super Summer, Tyler shared with me many things he had gleaned from Ed's teachings.  I will admit, I have no idea what the point was, just his thoughts as he processed it.  Tyler told me that he realized this week that he got all his good qualities from his dad.  Ouch!!  I asked calmly (trying to remember my advice in "walk down the mountain" blog from a couple of weeks ago), "Tyler, what qualities would those be?"  He went on to describe Warren's kindness, mercy, friendliness, communication skills, easy going, ........................................................................... and on he went.  

So at this point,  wondering just what qualities he felt I beheld, I ask "So, Tyler, umm, what good qualities do I possess?"  Tyler goes on to describe the kindness, organization,cooking and friendliness in my life.  He did use the words "sort of" a whole lot.  He then adds a tidbit about how I am always making them clean the house, do chores, and more strict than Warren.  As he stops there, I think to myself, That's it?  15 years of effort and that's what he thinks of me? 

Side note I have written in my Bible.  Wrote it many years ago.

It wasn't but a few seconds later down the road, as I was digesting all of this "bad news", Tyler started again on my qualities.  He says, "You know, but you also, like, are really good at telling us what the Bible says we should do and how we can apply it.  You play the Jesus card a lot.  And you know a lot of scriptures.  You are really good a that.  I like that about you.  You are nice to people and want them to know Jesus."

Hallelujah!   My efforts are not in vain. 

"Be dilligent to present yourself approved to God as a workmen
who does not need to be ashamed,
 handling accurately the word of truth." Hebrews 4:12

Tyler also went on to tell me about the over 100 scriptures Ed said by memory and where they were located.  Ed uses an app called Fighter Verses to learn the scriptures.

I told Tyler this would be a wonderful app for him to use.  I encouraged him to use this in FCA at school or find an accountability partner in the student ministry in our church.  He agreed and on he went.

"Thy word I have treasured in my heart,
That I may not sin against Thee." Psalm 119:11

Later that night,  he walked into my room and said, "since we paid $2.99 for the app, you need to downlaod it."  That's when God grabbed my heart and I knew to ask, "Why? Are you wanting me to be your accountability partner and memorize these verses with you?"  And he reponded, "yes."
Oh no!
I can barely remember my own children's names.  I have to check 3 or 4 times a month whether I mailed all the bills or not.  I have to go through the alphabet to think of peoples names.  And he wants me to memorize a new scripture passage every week?
I won't lie.  I am being completely honest as I write this to you.  I have kicked, screamed, and whined, A LOT!  The first verse is found in I Peter and it has been many hours of studying to get it.  So here it goes.

"Resist him.  Firm in your faith.
Knowing the same kinds of suffering
are being experienced by your brotherhood
throughout the whole world.
And after you have suffered a little while,
the God of all grace
who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ,
will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and confirm you.
[To him be the dominion forever and ever.Amen]
I Peter 5:9-10 [11]

I had no idea that my enjoyment of "camp talk" would lead to memorizing scripture with my son.  But it has.  Tyler and I go back and forth saying what we know everyday.  Tyler completely learned his first verse in 2 days. (but note-he probably knows every detail about North Little Rock's Payton Holmes, Kenny Howard, Gary Vines, Rodney Bryson, Juan Day and Altee Tenpenny in Hooten '12 already)   It has taken me the full 7 days to memorize this verse, but I have it!  We sit at Twisted Cow saying our verse.  We drive down the road saying our verse.  Ethan hears it.  Elise hears it.  He tosses his Bible at me and says, "Watch out!  It's sharp enough to pierce our hearts."

"For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two edged sword,
 and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow,
 and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of heart." Hebrews 4:12

Good stuff.  Having to obey and choose to leave a legacy with my family by memorizing scripture with them and being in God's Word is the time worthy stuff in life. 
I encourage you today to do the same.  Introduce them to this app or come up with your own plan.  Memorize His Word as a family or with one of your chldren.  Even if you have to kick, scream, and whine like a two-year old for a toy in Wal-Mart at first.  It is worth it!

So we finish week one and go to week 2.  And good news!  It's an easy verse!

"The name of the Lord is a strong tower;
The righteous run into it and is safe." Proverbs 18:10

Maybe one day when I have left this world for my seat at Jesus' feet, those 3 that I "make clean house" will have engraved on my headstone, "Mama G: Lover of the Word." 

That's the quality I want to leave.

"For it is not an idle word for you; indeed it is your life...." Deuteronomy 32:47

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